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7.22 “Chosen”

Buffy comes up with a plan: The gang makes an attack on the First’s army, aided by Willow, who performs a powerful spell to imbue all of the Potentials with Slayer powers. Meanwhile, wearing the amulet that Angel brought, Spike becomes the

07.12 “Potential”

Buffy and Spike establish a boot camp to prepare the potential slayers for combat with the First, while a spell from Willow reveals another potential living in Sunnydale.

5.22 “The Gift”

Buffy must square off against a true god when Glory prepares to use Dawn to break down the walls between the dimensions and unleash Hell on Earth.

5.16 “The Body”

Buffy and the gang are overcome by grief when tragedy strikes and they are robbed of someone they hold dear.

5.06 “Family”

Tara’s family makes a surprise visit to Sunnydale for her birthday, threatening to reveal a shocking secret that could endanger all of their lives.

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